Tokoname Noir Teapot

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Tokoname NOIR Teapot

This unusual teapot design is a combination of both classic West European and timeless Japanese teapot design aesthetics. The best of Japanese pottery technology, such as the sharpness of the pour spout and the lightness of the handle are emphasised.

Tokoname Noir teapot is made from Zhu mud, a natural raw ore rich in iron, this clay teapot has a dense and hard quality. It is reduction fired without glaze.

Material: Zhu mud/clay 

Capacity: About 1 litre

Size Approx. W 22 x D 12 x H 13 cm / 420g

Matte Black (Unglazed & reduction fired)

Made in Tokoname , Japan.


Hand wash only

NOT Dishwasher safe.

AVOID Microwave.