Kuroiro Tea Canister

This stylish matte black canister has beautiful proportions.

The main material is 18-8 stainless steel, which is rust-resistant and hygienic. Stainless steel is easy to care for and maintained.

The body is finished with baked black resin, giving it a elegant design. Inner lid holder made of special material

A special material is used for the inner lid holder to give it a luxurious design when the lid is opened.

Furthermore, it is a material that makes scratches less noticeable when opening and closing the lid.

Warm natural wood is used for the knob on the inner lid. It is a design that makes you feel relieved when you open the lid.


The body is made of 18-8 stainless steel, which is resistant to rust and has excellent durability.


Material: Body, lid & strainer: 18-8 stainless steel

The matte black resin has a surface similar to rammed earth wall texture common in many traditional Japanese homes.

Capacity: 300g of tea leaves

Dimensions:W 8 × D 8 × H 13 cm

Weight: 300g

To clean, apply dish detergent and wash the whole with a soft sponge. Rinse off.

Do not use the dishwasher.

Avoid soaking in water for extended period.

Do not put it in the microwave.

Do not rub or scratch the surface roughly as the paint may peel off. 

Please avoid direct fire or sources of heat. It is cannot be exposed to a direct heat source.