Suzuri Inkstone Isegata Screen Printed Platter by Studio Gala

Ogatu-cho in Miyagi Prefecture is known for its quality stone, which has been used to make ink stone since the Muromachi Era (1336-1573). It is a clay slate, called Gensho Stone, formed hundreds of  million years ago and is known for the of its beautiful jet black colour.

Suzuri inkstone items are made with Japanese traditional technique of screen printying with urushi (lacquer) work. Each Suzuri item is carefully handmade by Ogatsu-cho’ s artisans. It is in harmony with contemporary interiors with its own subdued and yet unique presence. 



Cross Pattern Screen Printed with a lacquer 30 x 18 x 1cm

Materials: Gensho stone, Urushi natural lacquer.


Studio Gala is the brand set up by Ryoichi Kobayashi in 1982. With reference to the materials and techniques of traditional Japanese crafts, Studio Gala seeks to create high quality hand crafted items to go with contemporary everyday living in Japan.