Straw Pot Stand Trivet

Handmade trivet made from natural plant fibres. by craftspeople based in Sado Island, in the Niigata region of Japan.

A traditional and enduring design of woven and wrapped straw.

Heat resistant and wholly functional, with small hanging loop for storage. Available in two sizes, medium and large.

This range of straw trivet with the inner bamboo core is made on Sado Island by traditional handicrafts using straw leftovers from rice harvest.

These trivets are ideal for placing kettles, small pans, and other hot items.

Medium: DIA. 18cm ( Hole Size: DIA. 10cm ) - #2 on image

Small: DIA. 14cm ( Hole Size: DIA. 8.5cm ) - #3 on image

Materials: Straw, bamboo (core part)

* Due to the natural material, the colour and texture may differ slightly from the photos.

* Please note that the condition of the straw may change if it is used with water on the bottom of the pot.

* Because it is handmade, there are individual differences in size and weight.