Splash Crystalline Glaze Dishes by Jyusengama

Yellow and Splattered Crystalline Blue Glaze vessels.

Splash is a series in which brilliant cobalt crystal glaze is splattered randomly into colourful matte yellow glaze base.

It is intended to spark spontaneous joy, just like pop art in daily life. The vessels easily brighten up any setting and make dishes eye-catching and gorgeous.

Each item is handfinished and the glaze is applied on each item individually by hand. Hence effect and look on each item varies and there is slight difference across the series.

The "crystal glaze" develops individual character during the firing process. Please understand and appreciate that there are individual differences in crystal appearance and colour tones, etc. 

Size options available:

Large Plate φ24 x H3.5 cm

Low Bowl  φ23 x H5 cm

Small Bowl  φ12 x H7 cm

Care Instructions:

Avoid dishwasher and microwave.

Do NOT place in direct sources of heat such as gas stove, oven or electric stovetop.

Potter: Hiroyasu Ando

Born in Tajimi City, Gifu Prefecture. After graduating from Kyoto Prefectural Ceramics College, he completed the Tajimi City Ceramic Design Institute and is currently making pottery at Jyusengama. While doing solo exhibition activities, he continues to create "unlikely beautiful vessels"

He performs mainly on zinc crystal glaze. The distinctive feature of the zinc crystal glaze is the pattern like a sparkling flower.

In order to make it, fine temperature control and exquisite timing are necessary. It can be generated only in very limited conditions .

Using zinc crystal glaze requires very high skill and technology. Even in Japan, there are very few manufacturers that can reliably produce zinc crystal glaze.

He prepares all the soil and glaze by himself and works almost exclusively with this technique.