Quolo Cast Iron Incense Stand

Quolo is a cast iron incense stand that holds both incense stick and incense cone types.

Metaphys has intended to resolve the problem of ash scattering all over the place, which tends to happen with stick-type incense, through the shape. By making the shape as minimal as possible while satisfying its functions, metaphys designed a cylinder shaped vessel utilizing the texture of cast iron, which suits many contemporary spaces.

A vertical style that does not take up space

Where there are many holders that lean diagonally for stick incense, Quolo stands on its own in a stick or cone shape in consideration of compact use on desks and shelves.

A texture and shape that can be placed in any space

With its minimal geometric shape and texture of the casting surface, Quolo blends into any space regardless of styles.

High-level casting technology that has been passed down

Since its founding in 1897, Matsudayasu Tekkosho is a cast iron manufacturing company with history, and the company owns its own cupola furnace. They manufacture parts for printing and packaging machinery, transmissions, pumps, and elevators, and they develop high-level technology for processing after cutting.

Dimension: φ55mm × H55 mm

Material: Cast iron

Designed by Metaphys and casted by Matsudayasu Ironworks