Quartz Brass Windchime by Nousaku

Name: Quartz

Size:         H110 x W40 x D36 mm

Color:  Bronze

Weight(with box) 255g (359g)

Material Brass (60% copper, 40% zinc)

Introduction This wind bell is manufactured using traditional casting techniques in Takaoka, Toyama Prefecture. You can appreciate the clear sound which can only be made by a brass wind bell. Quartz is finely cut into a hexagon shape by skilled artisans. Although this is not the standard bell shape, it has a small slit at the bottom to give it a clear chime sound. The bronze object has a beautiful ancient brass color which Takaoka's traditional painting techniques recreate. Enjoy the harmoneous combination of the design and sound.



-Wipe with a soft cloth or a sponge after use.

-Treat with diluted dishwashing detergent and lightly rub with a damp sponge/ cloth if needed.

-Then wipe with a dry cloth.


[Directions for use]

-Do not rub with a metal polisher.

-Although the object receives a colour fixing finish, the color may slightly fade over time.

-The slip is made of Japanese paper which is water resistant but not waterproof.