Pomme Table Knives by Shizu Hamono

Just like a hand painted antique plate or well – used tool,we manually engrave, brush and sharpen the blade of each “pomme knife”one by one to ensure absolute comfort when held.

Pomme is a series of slender and stylish cutlery that can be used in any table or kitchen setting.They have an elegant aesthetic and nice fit and finish.  Their heft feels very comfortable in-hand. 

Brushed with 99.9% pure 24k gold, the finish is subtly matte, brushed - not shiny gloss.  The knife will develop patina and change wonderfully with use, leaving an impression of each meal or gathering.

Bread knife 

Pomme bread knife has two types of serrated edges developed originally.

When you cut a hard part of the bread, use a jagged wave blade at the tip to cut it.

On the other hand, when you cut the soft part of the bread, if you use a rounding blade on the handle side, the thin slice slicing will finish beautifully, and the bread scrap will hardly come out.

If you like bread, it is a gem that I would like you to have by all means. The shape also works well for spreading soft cheeses, spreads, or butter.


When cutting the hard surface of bread, use the sharp edge on the tip, which smoothly cut in the bread.

When cutting the soft center part of the bread, use the gentle curve edge, which makes the slices beautiful.

full length 290mm

blade lengh 160mm

weight 80g 


Petit knife


The Petty Knife is a very comfortable size for many smaller tasks and the steel is AUS-8 at about 58hrc, which means that it will sharpen easily and be pretty tough and durable.  It comes sharp and ready for use. Because it is relatively thin, it will move through more dense foods pretty easily.

Petit Petty Knife is the perfect size for fine-grained tasks such as peeling vegetables and fruits and cutting it. The smart handle, shaped like a steak knife, is very light to use. When you put it on, it fits into your hands. 

As a dessert after dinner, the scene of cutting out fruits such as apples on the table is a very good knife. There is a warmth that removes the inorganic image of the blade.

Perfect for detailed cooking work such as peeling vegetable and fruits, making garnish cutting small ingredients.

The handle is slim shape which is comfortably in your hand.

full length 280mm

blade lengh 145mm

weight 90g


Cheese knife

This cheese knife is suitable for cutting the cheese of the semi-hard type from the soft type. Because the blade is jagged, it can be used as a decoration knife. The tip is sharp so that when the cheese is cut and taken to the plate, it is made to stab like a fork and to use it. It is a shape designed to cut the cheese and take it to a plate.

This blade has a serrated edge at the tip, which makes cutting hard cheese easier.

full lengh 280mm

blade lengh 120mm

weight 70g




■Petit knife  & Bread knife - 3 layers stainless steel (High carbon molybdenum vanadium steel AUS8 & low carbon martensite steel)

■ Cheese knife   Stainless steel (martensite steel 420J2)

■ 99.9% pure 24 carat gold plating

■ The products using delicate material, please be careful not to damage it and after use, wash by hand and towel-dry the product completely before storing in order  to avoid corrosion.