Pleco Biodegradable Pleated Tote Bags by Knaplus

KNA Plus employs eco-friendly design principles and sustainable materials for its signature Pleco pleated totes. PLECO totes are made with two types of eco-friendly fabrics. One is plant-origin "polylactic acid (PLA)" which naturally decomposes back to earth and is non-toxic when burned. The other is "recycled polyester (recycled PET)" which enables various textile expressions.

The pleated bags create beautiful shapes around whatever they are holding.

The flexible shape allows the wearer to hold it over their shoulder, or slip on both handles to wear like a backpack.  The traditional Japanese mild-toned colors fit well with various styles and situations.

Sizes and dimensions:

SMALL: approximately W 40  x L 55cm when fully extended, with a capacity of 10kgs, or 4 x 2L bottles.

LARGE: approximately W 55 x L 75cm when fully extended, with a capacity of 15kgs.

The pleats are not intended to be permanent. To maintain the longevity of the pleats and minimize flattening, empty the bag after each use and avoid leaving it distended over a long time.

Use a neutral detergent and delicate wash cycle or hand wash.

Do not iron or tumble dry.

Avoid extreme high temperatures.

Made in Fukui, Japan.