Planet Brass 'Orin' Bell Object


"Orin" is a traditional Buddhist instrument that is sounded when reading sutras, also referred to as "singing bowl". Commonly, it has been believed from ancient times in Japan that the gentle sound of "Orin" purify places by exorcising evil spirits and bad vibes. Therefore "Orin" became an essential household instrument.

Kyujo in Takaoka City, a long established manufacturer for religious objects has created a comtemporary range of orin bells to better complement today's lifestyle.

In their products have been combines both – Buddhist culture of Japan and tremendous efforts of generations of craftsman who developed the traditional techniques of metal works.

The Planet Orin’s is a beautiful sculptural object of a planet shaped Orin and a stick with a ball that creates a celestial ambience in a space, desk or shelf.  The Planet Rin sound is remarkable, something warm and gentle. The sounds makes you feel calm your minds and invoke thoughts of a wider and distant universe. Embracing a feeling which cannot be described in words, sinking deep and echoing far into infinity… Their sound can lasted for a minute, even more, when you tinkle it lightly in a relaxed swing.

Body size: Width 120 × height 150 × depth 60 mm 

Bell stick size: φ 25 × 59 mm height 

Copper alloy (copper plating) 

Frame & Base: Brass (gold plating ) 

Bell stick: Brass, acrylic resin