Japanese Bamboo Market Basket

Familiar to those who frequent Tokyo's Tsukiji Market, this large rectangular woven basket is found in the hands of the regular shoppers, or strapped to the backs of scooters and bikes ferrying the produce back to numerous sushi bars and izakaya. The basket is very popular and it’s widely referred to as the Tsukiji Market Basket over its long history with Tsukiji. 

This basket is sturdily designed to be stable, having a large, flat base and tapering sides Its seamless woven construction, in itself a beautiful design makes it highly rigid and crush resistant (ideal for transporting delicate seafood, fresh fruit, tofu or fresh flowers);

The plastic hosepipe is a sanitary feature added for ease of use, cleaning and comfort in the hand while its transparency preserves the visual impression of a rope handle.

It is also a stylish interior accent. More than lovely as a basket when packing for a picnic outdoor.

The basket bamboo strips will become more golden over use and time with exposure to sunlight. It is a richer patina, just like natural wood gaining beauty through use over time.

L 48 W 28 H 29 cm

** Please note this item will ship an an 'oversized' item. There will be additional charge added to normal rate.

Made by Chidori Sangyo using Vietnamese grown eco-friendly bamboo.

Bamboo is a very fast growing plant. It is full of vitality and can grow more than 1m a day. You don't have to sow seeds every year and you don't have to use pesticides. Bamboo, which grows steadily even after cutting, is the ultimate ecological material that can be used without reducing resources.