Cast Iron Bird Ornaments by Kamasada Ironworks

Nobuho Miya is a master forger of traditional 'nambu tetsu' or Southern cast ironware, and he works from his Kamasada Ironworks studio, founded by his family in Iwate prefecture, Japan.

His works have been exhibited worldwide, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

The modern design ornament is made by Kamasada, the long-established cast iron studio. Present leading figure Nobuho Miya has been living in Finland and works internationally.

We can see some similarity with Scandinavian Design on his works in the aspect of its light and sophisticated design whereas taking after the traditional Japanese techniques from Meiji Period (1868-1912).

The iron creatures exaggerated forms with considered balance are all humorous and charming. It has very good material combination with wooden base, and is also perfect for gift.


Including wood plinth: W 14 x L 5.7 x H 19cm
Wood plinth: 5.7x 5.7cm

Weighs 700g approx.


Including wood plinth: W 8.9 cm x L 5.7 x H 14 cm
Wood plinth: 5.7x 5.7cm

Weighs 700g approx.