1.9M Vase by Fresco

Maker :  Tsujino Tsuyoshi of fresco in  Osaka

Material: Glass - green interior & beige exterior

Size: Approximately φ16 × H 21.5 cm 

1.9 m represents the height of the facade wall of Kyoto Ryoanji, a famous Zen rock garden. 

The 1.9 series are handcrafted, with subtle variations in size and colour tone making each piece unique. All with a soft mineral glaze outside and deep watery turquoise inside, right through the bottom stem base. 

※ fresco's works are handmade one by one. There are slight variations in colour, shape and size in the works of photographs and works that you receive at hand. Please appreciate and enjoy it as character of individual pieces. Since glass is not a heat resistant material, please avoid using the microwave oven, dishwasher of sources of rapid heating.