Wood Dish Platter by Simplicity

Wooden platter for serving designed in three patterns inspired by the cloud motif found in traditional Japanese temple carving.

Each plate is hand carved from 'Kusu' Camphor wood in the village of Inami in Toyama  which has a long history of wood carving. The grain pattern and the wood tone will vary from plate to plate.

Dimension:  L 21.5 cm × W 10.5 cm × H 0.8 cm

As each item is handcrafted, threwill be subltle variaotions in wood grain, coluor, pattern, shape, size, etc.

Do NOT use in ovens, microwave ovens, IH stove.

After using, please wash care one by one carefully with a soft sponge without using a dishwasher / dryer. 

Rinse, wipe dry and and allow to dry off naturally after each wash.