Leaning Hinoki Sake Server Set by Ryoki Ohashi

Leaning Hinoki Sake Set is a masterpiece of beauty and utility, a fusion of functionality and a thrilling design.

The tilted design enables the user to pour and drink with ease. 

This set includes the pitcher and 2 cups.

How to Drink

Hold cup diagonally towards you with hands on two opposing corners, so that a third corner faces you directly. Hold the cup close to your face and take in the aroma of sake, which will be slightly tinged with the smell of fresh cedar. Tip back taking a small sip, and let it linger in your mouth for a moment before swallowing. 

Product Specifications

Tokkuri Pitcher D 80 mm ×W 54mm ×H 158mm

Ochoko Cup: D 50mm ×W 40mm ×H 50mm

Hinoki Cypress Wood 

No glue or adhesives.

Masu in Japanese Society

For over 1300 years, the Masu has played an important role in Japanese society. 

Originally a measuring cup for foods such as rice and soy sauce, the Masu was used to measure rice when it was common as a form of currency. For Japanese people, the Masu was as valuable and important as the rice it contained, and this tradition remains an essential part of the lives of people today.

More recently, the Masu has become widely acknowledged as a vessel for serving Sake, as well as a symbol of good luck. The wooden masu cup is said to complement traditionally brewed sake, since it's brewed in wooden casks. They also carry a woodsy, clean scent as an added touch, and can be used as a container for the short glass or by itself as a cup. 

The term “Masu” translates to “growth” in Japanese, and is thus an icon of prosperity and great happiness.

Masu is also used in sacred rituals, and holy offerings are often presented to the spirits in the Masu box. 

On the day before the official start of spring, it is customary for farmers to offer beans in a Masu box to pray for a rich harvest.

Masu is unique because it is put together wedging together precisely cut pieces of wood and applying a very small amount of adhesives, without the use of any nails.

Maker Ryoki Ohashi

For over 60 years Ryoki Ohashi has been the leading manufacturer of traditional hand-crafted “Masu” boxes in Ogaki, Japan. Over 80% of all Masu boxes produced are made in Ogaki city, also a major manufacturing center of Hinoki lumber. Made from excess lumber that comes out of thinning, the Masu boxes are entirely environmentally friendly.

Wake up every day to the hint of fresh evergreens in the air. Enjoy the crisp scent and smooth, soft touch of wood. Made entirely from the treasured Japanese Cypress, our environmentally friendly products give you more than just the gift of design.