Lana Cotton XXL Towel/Spread by Kontex

Lana towel is made is from premium cotton that has a luxurious ultra-soft feel and texture similar to superfine wool.

Woven at gentle speeds on older weaving looms in Imabari, the Lana towel from highly absorbent yet lightweight and quick to dry. This towel feels more drapey, softer and lighter than most type of terry weave. It looks luxurious but unfussy.

Materials: 100% cotton

Bath Towel XXL 160 x 240cm

Available in Grey colour.

Since 1934, Kontex based in Imabari, Japan has been producing its textiles with traditional looms and weaving techniques. Compared to newer technologies which are used for speedy mass production, this method is more time consuming, but shows better results in absorption capacity, texture softness and fast drying.

Furthermore, the yarn is less likely to get damaged which is a common problem in industrial manufacturing due to the stresses of high speed weaving. All textiles are woven strictly from cotton and linen. The fibers are washed and cleansed with the water from nearby Mt. Ishizuchi with low mineral content. For dyeing processes natural orange oil is used. Kontex products bear the Imabari seal of quality.