Suribachi Mortar and Pestle by Shikika

Katakuchi Suribachi & Surikogi Set

Suribachi and Surikogi are traditional Japanese mortar & pestle and you can use it for grinding sesame seeds, pine nuts, and spices. You can even grind and mix ingredients in the mortar to create dipping sauces.

The inside of the suribachi is unglazed and grooved. The grooves pattern is known as “kushi no me”, referring to the comb-like device that’s used on wet clay to create the uneven surface. The textured surface which is usually made in circular or daisy-wheel patterns is intended to help the grinding or mashing, typically sesame seeds, miso, herbs or soft vegetables like cooked potatoes, avocados, more efficiently.

The grinding grooves on the inside of the mortar are carved by hand and are then glazed, making it difficult for odour to linger and making it easier to clean. 

Such is the understated beauty of the vessel, you could use it as a serving dish once the sauce or paste is made. The spouted lip (known as katakuchi in Japanese) makes it easier to pour the contents. This mortar comes with a surikogi (pestle) made from environmentally-sustainably harvested hinoki cypress wood from Kiso. 

It has a pottery character of Mino-yaki ( Mino ware) with soft glazes and sensitive tactile quality. 

1 glaze  available: Black licorice glaze.


Large Set :     Mortar φ 19.5 x H 9cm & Pestle 24cm

Avoid use in oven, cooktop, and dishwasher.

Rapid changes in temperature may cause damage.

While the mortar is microwave and dishwasher safe, we suggest hand washing with detergent and a soft brush.

Dry both the mortar and pestle thoroughly prior to storage.

Pottery made in Mino, Japan.