Gyokusendo Hand Hammered Copper Tea Canister

Hand-hammered copper canister by Gyokusendo.

Completely unwelded and traditionally joined tea canister with an outer and inner lid and are lined with tin/silver to preserve the taste and freshness of tea. The precision of the joining is absolutely incredible and pictures cannot do it justice! We prefer these over many other copper producers for the complete attention to craftsmanship. Each piece takes many steps to make and is never left unfinished. Each mark is a single hammer strike!

The colour of GYOKUSENDO's TSUIKI (Hand-Hammered metal craft) copper wares will gradually become mellow with increasing depth and gloss by rubbing them with a dry cloth with using them in everyday life.

GYOKUSENDO's craftsmen not only manufacture a copper wares but also make a piece of raw copper as if it was a breathing or living object. You may feel the excellence of GYOKUSENDO's TSUIKI hand-hammered copper-wares.

We hope GYOKUSENDO TSUIKI" copper-ware will enrich you by its beautiful textures and quality.

 Height: 103 mm

Diameter: 75 mm

Capacity: 100 g

The caddy is presented in a gift box.


Established in 1816 in Tsubame, Niigata Prefecture, Japan), GYOKUSENDO is a house of "TSUIKI" -Hand-hammer metalworking.

In recent past, GYOKUSENDO has been designated as an Intangible Cultural Properties of Japan, a ‘Living National Treasures of Japan (Preserver of Important Intangible Cultural Properties of Japan)’ and Four Tangible Cultural Properties of Japan.