Shima Shima Kokura-ori Bath Towel

This range of Shima- Shima towel is created in a project which aims to restore a traditional Japanese fabric weaving practice known as Kokura-Ori.  Kokura-ori is the cotton fabric style originally woven in Kita-Kyushu city, former Buzen-Kokura-feudal domain, characterized by its beautiful vertical stripes. The weaving once disappeared in time, but it was recently rediscovered and restored by Noriko Tsuiki, a dyeing and weaving artist. Kokura-weaving is characterized by its weaving with the yarns which are made by twisting multiple high-quality yarns.

Under the supervision of dyeing and weaving artist Noriko Tsukishiro,  this range of Shima Shima towels is made using carefully selected materials and devised even at the twisting stage, the original softness of cotton continues for a long time without relying on softeners after washing.

A beautiful towel that balances these three in a balanced manner: resilience-like softness like a spring, luxurious volume, and excellent water absorption characterized by being durable and long-lasting with little fluff. One can enjoy its reversible design as the pattern is different on each side.

Style options:

1. Feast of colours on White with Green and White Stripes on the reverse side.

2. Purple Stripes Gradation on Black with Blue Green Stripes on the reverse side.

Size: 75 x 150 cm 

100 % Cotton

Care Instructions: Machine wash with cold water and mild detergent. Avoid bleach or fabric softeners altogether. Air dry or tumble dry low.

Made in Imabari, Japan.

The Imabari Towel brand mark is given by the Shikoku Towel Industry Association, which organises the manufacturers of Imabari, the largest towel producing area in Japan. It guarantees that the towel products are of high quality and have passed our own certification standards.