Pottery Glazed Bottles by Simplicity

Simplicity endeavours to create lifestyle products for contemporary living using the best traditional craft techniques of Japan.

This pottery series of bottles are produced in the renowned porcelain-making village of Arita in Saga prefecture. The bowls come in a range of glazes using the traditional colours of Japan, which are uniquely rooted in nature. The glazed surfaces display a beautiful interplay with light, revealing a subtle depth in colour. These ceramic vessels are humble in size and form, making them ideal as simple items to have for everyday use.

The green glaze is known as ‘Oribe’ glaze. Characterised by a dark green colour resulting from the mixing of copper and ash glaze, the name is derived from ‘Oribe’, an apprentice of the 16th-century tea master Sen no Rikyu who favoured the colour.

The ivory glaze is known as Kohiki glaze. The name is derived from its powder-like appearance, which is formed as a result of coating the exterior surface with a white slip before applying a translucent glaze. The glaze reveals a light pink colour resulting from the air reacting to the glaze during the firing process.

The Cinnabar purple glaze is a result of a small amount of copper introduced and the purple hues developed during reduction firing.

Dimensions: ø 8.5 × H 34cm; weighs 940g

Materials: Clay, Glazed

Place of Origin: Arita, Japan

Instructions for Care: 

Hand Wash Recommended 

1.Oribe Green,

3.Kohiki Ivory,

4.Cinnabar Purple.

 Designed by Simplicity and handcrafted in Arita, Japan