Wooden Spoons by Shikika

Based in Gifu Prefecture, Shikika works with local artisans to create goods with beauty and utility. These artisans focus on a sleek, modern look for their kitchenware and tableware.

This natural wood series of wooden cutlery is intended to complement contemporary lifestyle whilst highlighting the beauty and softness of wood for use in our daily lives. Lightweight and beautifully carved out of a single piece of wood, its smooth rounded seamlessly form into various shapes and sizes.

Material: Horse Chestnut wood.

Usage and Care

Handwash only. Make sure to dry completely before storing it. 

This product is not dishwasher safe.

Avoid abrasive scrub, as it could damage the surface of the product


Dessert Spoon: D 30 x L 128 mm

Risotto spoon: D 38 × L 158 ​​mm