Sashiko Geometric Furoshiki Cloth

Sashiko Geometric Furoshiki Cloth

Sashiko (sashiko) is a method of embroidering a pattern such as a geometric pattern on a cloth with thread and sewing it. Originally, it was originally applied to keep warm and reinforce the fabric, but gradually beautiful patterns have been expressed. 

This fabric is made from sashiko weave cloth developed with weavers in Fukushima. The unique sashiko geometric patterns and the texture of the carefully woven cloth make the traditional sashiko cloth feel fresh and contemporary. Another characteristic of this weave is that the patterns that appear on each product are different because the cloth with a large pattern is cut and processed.

Large size cloth can be used in various situations such as picnic cloth, wrapping gift, lunch boxes or table covers.

The fabric is made of 100% cotton and is easy to maintain.

◆ Size 46cm x 46cm

◆ Material 100% cotton

◆ Country of origin Japan