Festive Paper Wreath- Reuseable

Designer Chiori Ito came up with this series of  paper wreaths with an intention to create pure and simple "beautiful things". Paper wreath" is a simple and beautiful ornament, much like a piece of poetry.

A delicate shade of the pure white paper wreath gives softness and tranquility in a space. By folding one sheet, you can assemble it so easily and enjoy decorating different places such as on a wall of outdoor and bathroom by virture of its durable and waterproof material.

If you wish, you can add colour to its surface with pencil, paint, oil based pen, crayon, water pigment marker and so on. 

Please enjoy decorating with paper wreath on various scenes.

Size : Assembled / Φ320 × D50 mm ・ Unassembled / W370 × H350 × 0.4 mm

Material : PP Synthetic Paper (YUPO®)

There is an option of adding a series of bauble ornaments that add colours the pure white paper wreaths delightfully.  It expresses  the seasons in your favorite combination by changing the mood for each event or season. You can use the ornaments by hanging it on your favorite motif such as garland or tree branch.

Ball ornament packs are in set of 30 balls each - 'green & red'  or  'blue & grey' colours combination.

Each bauble size is Φ 28.5 mm.