Baieido Incense Sticks Kobunboku Pack of 40 sticks

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Kobunboku is an incredible sandalwood and herb incense that is particularly helpful for meditation practice. The Japanese word "Ko" means Nice, "Bun" means Elegant, "Boku" means Wood or Tree. 

The original Kobunboku is the most popular Baieido incense . It shines delicately and yet impressively with enduring appeal. It is said to conjure the scent of plum blossom on the evening breeze. Used for daily meditation and for gracing workplaces, and homes with a peaceful yet arousing ambience.

A smooth sandalwood base laced with Cassia, and Borneol along many other traditional Chinese herbs and spices

●Materials: Indian sandalwood,​ cinnamon,​ star anise,​ spikenard,​ borneol,​ Machilus thunbergii powder,​ charcoal,​ etc 

●Made in Sakai City,​ Osaka 

Product details:

Sticks number: 40

Pack weight: approx. 20g

length: approx. 14 cm

burning time: approx. 30 min