• Matcha Green Tea Incense by Baieido

Matcha Green Tea Incense by Baieido

Baieido’s Imagine series. 

Imagine bringing the old foward into the new.  In Japanese it is called "Onko Chishin" and it is a very important concept in the artistic styling of Japan.

It originates with Confucius and translates:         

          "If a man keeps cherishing his old knowledge, so

           as to continually to be acquiring new, he may be

           a teacher of others."


This is the idea Baieido brings into their Imagine series of incense.

Green Tea Incense by Baieido uniquely incorporates real green tea extract in a sublime sweet floral composition which is delightful and soothing. This incense has an noted ability to absorb cooking and other odours when used.

Includes a hand made traditional ceramic incense stand.

*Simple incense stand included.

maker: Baieido

number of sticks: approx. 40 in each pack

weight: approx. 20 g

length: approx. 13.5 cm

burning time: approx. 30 min each stick

incense stand: included