Unglazed Tokoname Teapot by Jinsui Kiln

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Evoking the simplicity of Japanese wabi sabi suki aesthetic, this contemporary style kyusu teapot is handcrafted by Jinsui, one of the six oldest studios in the Tokoname ceramic production region.

This kyusu made by using Tokoname red clay that has been fired in low-oxygen conditions, using a technique known as "reduction firing" to oxidize the clay. Being unglazed, the teapot will develop a richer patina with use over time. It will slightly affect the taste of the tea by enriching it with its minerals, usually resulting in a smoother brew with less bitter notes.

A ceramic strainer has also been built and fired in by the artist for smooth brewing and cleaning.

Capacity: 230ml at 80% capacity.

Material: Clay

Strainer: Clay

Avoid microwave and dishwasher. Hand wash only.

Made in Tokoname, Aichi, Japan