Tokoname Ryo Mini Vase

A chic, understated object, the Tokoname Ryoichi Mini Vase was handcrafted by Hirotaka Umehara, the 2nd generation of Tamamitsu Pottery, established in Tokoname Japan in 1945.

At just over three inches tall, the Ryoichi Mini Vase is small but characterful, crafted from famous vermillion clay from Tokoname. Adding to the substantial presence is the matte black surface, a result of reduction firing on an unglazed clay.

Petite without being dainty, the Ryoichi Mini Vase is the perfect addition to a small space, like a desk, windowsill, or bedside table.

Maker: Tamamitsu Pottery founded in Tokoname in 1945

Material: Pottery clay

Dimensions: ø. 6.5 x H 8 cm

Origin: Tokoname, Japan.

Tokoname in Aichi Prefecture is famous for producing high-quality tea and tableware using vermillion clay. It has the longest history among Japan’s six ancient kilns. Characterized by its iron-rich red clay which is fired using an oxidising flame. The vermillion clay contains abundant iron which is considered to be suitable for tea brewing. However, it is challenging to work with and process.  This challenging material has brought about high craftsmanship and artistry in Tokoname's teawares.