Tetu Nambu Cast Iron Kettle

Nambu cast ironworks in Iwate Prefecture are well known for their traditional craftsmanship.  

This Good Design Award winner kettle has been fired to allow oxidation of the surface of the iron, thus creating a film layer with anti-rust effects.

The 'tetu' series by acclaimed designer Makoto Koizumi  has simple contemporary aesthetics  to go with use in daily life.

For use in all heat sources including IH but avoid high heat due to wood features.

Material: cast iron kettle with round  teak wood knob.

Made in Iwate Prefecture Japan.

Good Design Award Winner

Size: D16.5cm x H15 cm

Packaging weight: 3kg

Capacity: approx.1L


Care Instructions for Kettle:

How To Use At First

1. When you use it for the first time, please drain all boiled water to get rid of any initial dirt or dust from the inside.

2. During the first 3 weeks, please drain all boiled water immediately after use and dry the inside with the remaining heat, but without the lid. Do not rub the inside.

3. After 3 weeks you no longer need to worry about leaving or emptying water from the kettle. This 3 weeks period is called “Narashi” meaning “Preparation”.

4. To boil water in the pot you can use charcoal, low fire gas, oil heater or an electric cooker. However, if using coal, this contains sulphur which can turn the surface mouldy. A modern electric cooker is best as it is efficient and safe.

5. When the inside of the kettle becomes mouldy, please don't touch it with your fingers, don't wash it with polish, with a cleanser, or with a steal scrubber, as the inside of the pot has a special layer to prevent rust, also there is an oxidation film on the inside of the lacquer ware.

• How To Maintain The Iron Kettle

1. If you don't use it everyday, please take off the lid and store the pot in a dry place, this is to prevent moisture and rust. If the kettle will not dry easily, you can heat it a little, without water, to get rid of excess moisture.

2.After point 1, please dab the kettle with a soft towel soaked in tea. The tea reacts with the iron to give the surface a natural gloss.

3. If not used for a long time, the boiled water may become cloudy. In this case, put used tea leaves inside and boil water on a low fire, until the inside becomes black. The tea will also help to stop rust.

4.The inside of the spout and the outside of the lid can rust more easily than other parts, so occasionally wipe them with a cloth.

• Grime From Hot Water

Don't worry if during use you see some red or blue metallic spots on the inside, the spots will fade over time. Day by day, grime may build up in the kettle. This whitish grime is beneficial for the pot, also it helps to avoid a metallic taste and makes the water a little sweeter in the pot. So the grime is actually a useful element for the pot.

• Merits Of The Iron Kettle

1. The iron helps to remove chlorine from water. In a normal kettle you cannot do this. The kettle also makes tap water mild and removes any odd smells.

2. Our bodies need iron. With an iron kettle, traces of iron enters the tea and therefore our bodies. This iron is very healthy and we can absorb it easily.