Ten-To-Sen Letterpress Mini Cards in Matcbox

Super cute mini note card set that comes in a match box. Each card is letter-pressed and blank on the back side where you can write a little messages such as Thank you or I miss you.  

Mini cards are thick and soft cushion paper, a feature of Toppan Printing method.

Designed for Classiky by Hokkaido based textile designer Rie Oka, the famous Ten To Sen designer who creates lovely patterns from nature that surrounds her in the land of the northern island of Japan.

20 pieces of the same design cards in each set.

2 designs sets available :

Picture Ref# 1. Sandy Beach

Picture Ref #3 - Apple & Pear

Measurements: Card: 5.1x3.1cm / Box: 5.6x3.5x1.7cm

Made in Japan