Tane Teapot set by Yonobi

A Mino-style porcelain teapot with a characteristic high relief design. It is made from bisque porcelain, which is made by baking white porcelain clay, which contains many glass particles, at temperatures as high as 1340 degrees.

Designed by Yukio Hashimoto, this item's resemblance to a dried plum seed led him to name it "TANE" (seed). Teapot capacity is 1 liter. The cup is Mino-style porcelain cup with a characteristic high relief design on the inside edge. It's lovely and fits right in your hand. The relief has been pinched with the fingers, making it very easy to hold.  The cup's white matt exterior is unglazed and inside is a gloss glaze.

* Option to add an additional pair of cups.

Teapot materials: body & lid/Porcelain, handle/Stainless Steel, tea strainer/Stainless Steel

capacity: 1l size: W18.5 D14 H18cm; weight: 605g

Cup capacity  110ml ■material/ porcelain ■size/ ø7.5×H6cm ■weight/ 120g

Traditional craft: Mino Yaki (Gifu pref.)