Sake Pitchers by Studio Gala

Tokoname Sake Bottle

Pouring receptacles such as teapots, pots, and sake bottles are difficult to design, since they are required to have both high functionality and impressive form, which is similar to designing chairs. What is more, good design cannot stand on its own, and it vitally needs highly skilled craftsmanship to embody them.

Tokoname, a historical region in Aichi Prefecture, is famous for producing high quality teapots using vermillion clay. This area’s vermillion clay contains abundant iron which is considered to be suitable for tea and sake; however, it is highly difficult to process. This hardship has indeed fostered many talented, skilled artisans.

Two-coloured teapots and sake bottles are created by the most reliable craftsmen known for their elaborate details and sharp finish.

The large amount of iron in Tokoname’s clay comes out as red through the process of oxidising firing. This clay has high contraction rate and tightens well when baked, so characteristically it absorbs little water even without any glaze. Therefore this clay is considered to be ideal for teapots. The iron contained in the clay is said to harmonise with tannin in tea to enhance tea flavour. Since no glaze is used, these teapots absorb tea incrustations and develop subdued tone of colour and unique sheen. The black teapots’ colour is achieved as a result of baking the pots in a kiln after they are fired once.

Materials: Tokoname Clay

Dimension: Φ 8.4 x H 12.5 cm
Colour options: Red or Black

Studio Gala is the brand set up by Ryoichi Kobayashi in 1982. With reference to the materials and techniques of traditional Japanese crafts, Studio Gala seeks to create high quality hand crafted items to go with contemporary everyday living in Japan.