RIKI Steel Clock

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Designed by Riki Watanabe

φ 204 x H 60 mm 

610 g steel, glass, ABS resin 

sweep seconds 

After asking the world the concept of personal clock with "small wall clock", the line of sight was directed further to its practicality. Depending on the quartz, how many seconds per month is extremely accurate What is the personality appropriate for the clock? If it is made smaller, the visibility will decrease. In that case, make the image size smaller than the actual size. 

In 1977, these timepieces designed with the theme of balance between "the ability to concentrate within and the power to spread out" are different approaches, but through personal exercise that makes you feel bigger and smaller by exquisite combination of 12 direction lines and Arabic numerals I made one complete form of the clock. I think that you can experience by approaching by your side and seeing it a little.

RIKI Steel Clock is a cool clock of monochrome using a steel frame. 

The fine needle arranged in a simple and delicate dial produces an exquisite balance. 

It is a gem that sticks to details, such as the texture of a resting matte frame.