Renzuru Multiple Crane Origami - Imoseyama Beginner


Renzuru, which is roughly translated as “consecutive crane” can be traced back to the Edo period of Japan (1603-1867) and is regarded as one of the most advanced Origami techniques. This centuries-old Japanese art form involves folding multiple cranes from a single piece of paper, ensuring that they remain connected with each other.

This is one of the 3 renzuru patterns taken from "Senbatsuru Origata" book which includes 49 crane origata folding templates for renzuru originally published in 1797.

Design unit Cochae has added graphic patterns to the 3 templates, and the paper has slits so it is all ready for you to fold. You are to fold cranes without cutting the paper but keep it as it is.

Imoseyama is the simplest renzuru to fold. There are another 2 more advanced options.

Measurements: 10.5cm x 21cm x 5 sheets.

Made in Japan.