Plump Indigo Silk Scarf by ISSO

Plump Silk Scarf

ISSO makers dyed the silk fabric woven by skilled craftworkers in Kiryu City, Gunma prefecture with dye solution charged natural awa indigo (sukumo) etc as raw material.

"Shibobo" which is made by changing the way weave fabric is changed to boiling it produces a distinctive Mokomoko 'plump' feel which can be said as a characteristic of the scarf. 

It is sometimes slightly different depending on the part how indigo color enters, so you can enjoy the difference in color.

Scene to use: When going out, with casual cut and sews + jeans etc.

An indigo-dyed scarf, using silk fabrics made by expert weavers in Kiryu, known as a famous area of making silk fabrics, in South part of Gunma. The characteristic grains makes the fluffy looks.

Size 1650 × 400 mm

Package : Laminated Box (Tokushima) / Handmade Black Box 

W: 140 × D: 140 × H: 72 mm

Silk 100% (Weaved in Gunma)

Weight 30 g


Suitable for any Gender