Para Para Flip Card Books

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These innovative flipbooks ('Para Para Manga' in Japanese) created by Japanese book artists Mo Hitotsu no Kenkyujo utilize a unique diecut process where negative space is cut from pages of the book. "


1.Monet Impression, Sunrise

2."Bomb Insect" features a group of exploding bugs that burn holes in the pages of the flipbook.

3:" Cat's Proposal is the original 7th book in the Cat Flip Books Series! A big boss cat who’s a great fighter and a gallant and courageous black cat are rivals in love for the heart the female cat Meekay . Who will win her heart? Don’t miss this critical showdown!ner.

4: Christmas Comes Along  - ThThe world’s first flip book with a bell!

An ornament on fir tree appears in the night sky, a falling  star pops up… If you flip a palm-sized picture book, snow falls and tinkle of a bell rings. The story of a Christmas night longing for Santa– just like a perfect animation movie. Small but exciting entertainment by the artist “mohiken.” Best for your gift!


5: This Bunny Ears flipbook follows the colorful and dramatic adventures of a bunny rabbit. 



Made in Kyoto, Japan 

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