Oribe Pottery by Time & Style

ORIBE Pottery Series by Time and Style

Handmade in Toki, Gifu  Japan.


BOWL M Size: φ 170 x H 69mm

BOWL L  Size: φ 200 x H 79mm

CUP  Size: φ 56 x H 66

The series features deep and mysterious Oribe green glaze covering the entire vessel. Ancien Japnese in the Momoyama period saw the beauty in the change of the shade caused by glaze flow. They imagined the Oribe glaze characteristics as height of the mountains and the depth of the sea refrering to these as "landscapes". Bowls can be stacked like the same size as a cubic box, or they can be nested and stored.

Material type: Pottery

 Hand made variation in each item.