Numbers Plywood Clock by Lemnos


Numbers Clock

design : Yota Kakuda


Size φ305 × d48mm

Weight 750g

Material Plywood, Glass 

Sweep Second


These clocks are made of circular plywood in the same way as the tambourine frames that Lemnos has utilized in many of its previous clocks. Numbers Clock employs largish numbers that are extremely easy to see with this frame. Lines

Clock utilizes longer hour and minute hands, with the intention of attributing them with the same level of presence as the numbers on the face. With both, the overall balance and the details were decided on with a premium placed on ease of visibility.

Designer’s message

The round plywood frame developed by Lemnos in 2000. Holding this beautiful frame – which has been used up until now by numerous designers – in high esteem, I designed these clocks so that they harmonized with its essence.

Yota Kakuda



*There is a design variation with numbers known as Lines Clock.