Nude + Stainless Steel Yanagiba Knife

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NUDE+ Yanagiba knife is crafted with simple beauty and high functionality in mind. The blade reflects the traditional craftsmanship based on the spirit of samurai swords. This beautiful tool will be an asset to your kitchen.

Yanagiba is intended mainly for preparing and slicing seafood and sashimi.  Characterized by an elongated and sharp blade, it is suitable for use in cutting something thin. Yanagi blade knives are loved by many cooks as well as those who love cooking at home. 

NUDE+ series stainless steel has been hardened by addition of AUS8 (8A) carbon (0.8%), chromium (13-14%), molybdenum (0.25%), and vanadium (0.1-1.3%); reducing wear and abrasion, a technique which was developed by Aichi Steel.


NUDE+ hardened stainless steel is shaped into a blade and handle by laser, and then tempered and cooled rapidly until -75 degrees. This result in a uniform, stronger, and firmer piece of steel. After this, the blade is finished by hand with the traditional craftsmanship of Shizu Hamono based in Seki City.


Steel is shaped into a blade and handle by laser, after which it is tempered and cooled to subzero temperature, cooling rapidly to -75  degrees. This forms a uniform crystal which creates a stronger, firmer blade. After this the blade is finished by hand, the handle is fashioned to fit snugly and smoothly in the hand.

The beautifully slim (8mm) package is compact and light. The inner wall is lined with magnetic steel providing ease of transport and display.

Product specifications:

  • Single- edged 
  • Size: Overall length 330㎜ Blade span 200㎜ 
  • Weight: 222g 
  • Material: Stainless steel (high carbon molybdenum vanadium steel AUS8)
  • Made in Japan