• Nippon Kodo Kyara Kongo Incense Coils

Nippon Kodo Kyara Kongo Incense Coils

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KYARA KONGO Incense Coils (Selected Aloeswood)

20 coils 

The most valued scented wood, Kyara (Highest Quality Aloeswood), is used for Kyara Kongo. Enjoy the scent that noblemen of the ancient Japanese imperial court enjoyed during incense ceremonies. Kyara is also used as a main ingredient in Kyara Taikan. Unlike well known Kyara Taikan, this Kyara Kongo has a subtler and more elegant fragrance. It is a distinctively sweet and calming, tranquil aroma. This incense has been created by using a sweet, gorgeously aromatic agarwood and kyara in lavish amounts and then sandalwood and mix of natural traditional herbs and incense raw ingredients have been blended in.

Each coil burns for approximately 120 minutes. The fragrance spreads immediately in the room.

Aloeswood brings out a sweet-smelling fragrance that has been maturing through the years.

Amongst those fragrant woods the most esteemed is the Kyara Aloeswood.

Kyara Kongo is the incense that has been refined by using exactly this high-quality Kyara. Enjoy its subtle and elegant fragrance that brings out the nostalgic thoughts of ancient Japanese aristocrats`world.

Product details:

number of coils: 20

burning time: approx. 120min

weight (package included): approx. 67g