Nature series of Washi Paper Lanterns with LED light

Handmade in the Gifu prefecture of Japan, this series of Washi paper lanterns designed by Shigeru Uchida of Asano, are quietly beautiful in their serene shape and warm glow. The simplicity of their structure is characterized by a wire armature that dilates a continuous spiral of bamboo filament and washi paper. Flat packed and gift boxed, the experience of taking an Asano light out of its box is like unfolding a precious silk.

Washi paper
 on cedar wood base

LED light, 2 x AA batteries (not included) = approximately 50 hrs of light 

Options and sizes:

Tree; Φ11x30 cm

Bud; Φ16x20 cm

Seed Φ11x20 cm


ASANO has been traditionally crafting Gifu lanterns for 100 years. While mainly focused on lanterns and traditional techniques, they also develop new lantern concepts to complement today’s modern lifestyles. Asano has also moved into new areas, such as interior lighting equipment and lantern hats.