Mobiles by TEMPO

Mobiles are said to be "kinetic sculptures." Cascaded in a fine balance, the moving parts sway elegantly in the subtle breeze and create a favorable atmosphere with a comfy accent.

Tempo is a series of mobiles which sculptured the attractiveness of material shaping, the fine balance in relation to the gravity, and the unique rhythm repeating itself in silence.

The Tempo mobile series is a new form of product with an approach to time and space. They are meant to be responses to the challenge of mass and balance given by the architects and designers.

Each piece of the tempo mobiles is carefully handcrafted by assembly professionals to reach the perfect balance.

Designed in collaboration with 'mother tool' and handmade in Japan.

Constellation: Red W 65  x H110 cm

Thru'out Copper : W 50 x H 74cm

Energy Flow RED: W 60 x H 100 cm

Circle Waltz-Mixed Colours: W 55  x  H67cm; High-carbon steel, stainless steel, magnet

Satellites of Japanese Cedar: W 27 x H 90cm

Perspectives :  W 45cm x H 50cm , made with Japanese cypress