Mizusu Santoku Knife 16cm

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Mizusu Santoku 16cm all purpose kitchen knife with bigleaf magnolia octagonal wood handle and buffalo horn collar (kakumaki). Santoku means the knife of three virtues or knife to solve three problems. Naturally in the kitchen those virtues or problems slicing, mincing and dicing.

Its flatter blade profile is mostly suitable for dicing and slicing pieces of vegetables, meat as well as chopping vegetables and herbs

Mizusu Santoku 16cm Length: 295 mm (blade length = 155mm)

Blade Length: 155mm

Blade Type: Double-edged Blade

Steel Type: Premium Blue Steel (Ao-Hagane)

Handle Material: Big-leaf magnolia octagonal wood handle and buffalo horn collar

Weight: 102g


BANSHU HAMONO is a collective brand from South-West HyōgoPrefecture in Japan, which has a 250+ year blacksmith history dating back to the first katana factory in 1744. The blacksmith traditions have continued across generations and today a diverse range of small businesses, each with each its own skilled craftsmen, still produce cutlery and tools for the home, studio and garden using the same age-old techniques.