Michiyuki-Tou Washi Paper Lanterns with LED Bulb

MICHIYUKI-TOU is a battery-driven LED paper lantern series designed by Ono Rina.


This is for keepsake as it beautifully made, unlike the usual throw-away ones. The surprisingly powerful LED light bulb emits warm glow.


It is very portable because it is cordless. One can use it anywhere, for instance, on the table for dinner, as a reading light in the bed room, or for taking a walk at night.

Dimensions (mm):

Drop:  D 166 × h225 mm

Circle: D 160 × h210mm

Tall: D 135 x 340mm

Materials: Washi (Japanese paper), wood, metal wire

Care instructions:

Two batteries (size AA) included.
Last approximately for 100 hours.
Change the batteries when the light becomes dim.