Kisen Canister

The word 'Kisen'  in Japannese refers to the unique and beautiful annual growth rings of trees. Kisen canisters are made from one block of Zelkova wood so that these unique patterns of the wood grain are connected between the lid and body of the container. This is possible because of the double structure of the tea caddy, in which the separate inside layer is attached before the shape of outside layer is made. Because of this new structure, each tea container looks like an artistic object.

KISEN makes you feel the true beauty of the natural wood. The grain born from the rings engraved over time is called “wood line”, and the grain that connects by cutting and grinding from one is unique.

The technique“Kyogi-yakuyakukan structure” mastered by Mr. Koji results in a canister that looks like a single object by combining the lid and the grain of the body.

KISEN makes you feel the true beauty of natural wood. Please enjoy the original beauty of wood.

Designed by Satoshi Umeno

φ80 × 110mm

Materials: Zelkova wood with lacquer coat and smoke gray finish.

All Gato Mikio products are hand made from domestically-sourced wood and coated in a durable lacquer to showcase the natural wood grain. Established in 1908 and based in Yamanaka, Japan, Gato Mikio creates high quality lacquerware using advanced Japanese woodturning techniques.