Keisuke Serizawa Desk Calendar 2020 Edition

Keisuke Serizawa Desk Calendar 2020 edition

A desk calendar for 2020 version using designs of Keisuke Serizawa who was a National Treasure in print and textile arts. It is a printed popular version of Japanese paper dyed calendar which was made since 1962. 

Using different patterns every month, expressing the four seasons of Japan vividly. Since Keisuke Serizawa left many designs before his life, calendars of different designs are released every year. 

The bold composition of traditional patterns and paper is like an art work. Study Japanese ancient mold dyeing and red-type dyeing of the Ryukyus (Binagasame) and enjoy the Serizawa art created by the excellent feeling of the forest and color tone creating patterns. 

It is a desktop calendar that enhances any desk setting and comes with  a plastic case which functions as a stand.

Size: W 10 x D14 cm


Keusuke Serizawa was born in Shizuoka Prefecture in 1895. He was a National Living National Treasure  of “Kataezome” art,  an important intangible cultural heritage, and people around the world and in Japan appreciate him as a craftsman representing the 20th century. His designs are widely commissioned in Kimono, bookbinding, calendar, signboard and lighting design.