KATA KATA Mamezara Dishes

Mamezara are small dishes used for dipping sauce, spices, or pretty much small anything to add a little bit of extra to the Japanese dining table.

Kata Kata creates beautiful designs using Japanese traditional method known as katazome which uses special pigments and stencils.

'Inban' is one of the methods used in pottery which is like a transfer printing, patterns printed on washi paper transferred onto ceramic ware.

Due to the method of transfer printing and handmade nature, there may be some variations or imperfections  on each item such as unevenness of colour/tones, blur, etc. These add  character and uniqueness to each piece.

Tiny mamezara can be used for spices, cutlery rests or as jewelry dish etc. 

Dimensions:  D 11 x  H 1.2cm

3 design options avaiable: Dandelion, Owl and Bat

Material: Ceramic (Porcelain)

Made in Japan