KAMI Shot Glass

Kami Series

These wooden drinking vessels are made from Hokkaido’s sen (castor aralia) trees using a lathe. The items in the series are thin enough to allow light to pass when held up to a light source and have a white tone, and hence the name kami (paper). The sides of Kami glass is only about 2 milimeters thick, allowing the warmth of a hot drink to pass gently to one’s hands. They are lightweight, easy to hold, and are resistant to breaking when dropped.

Design: Hidetoshi Takahashi (Takahashi Kougei), Masanori Oji (Oji & Design)

Material:  Sen wood (Castor Aralia)

Finish: Tableware urethane coating

* Not suitable for dishwasher.


Dimensions: dia 52 x h 69 mm; 25g