Kaico Maru Enamel Canisters


'Kaico' is derived from two Japanese words that are pronounced in the same way but carry different meanings: 'Nostalgia' and 'Silkworm that makes a white cocoon'.

Designed by Makoto Koizumi, the award winning Kaico series of white enamel cookware are durable, scratch-resistant and easy to clean. 

The Maru canisters are made out of white enamel coated steel with silicone gasket lids for airtight seal. Available in 3 sizes.


LGE: D 12cm x  H10cm; capacity 750ml & weight 470g

MED: D 12cm x  H8cm; capacity 580ml & weight 435g

SML: D 12cm x  H6cm; capacity 400ml & weight 380g

XTRA-SML: D 12cm x  H4cm.

Made in Japan.