• Joy Character Furoshiki Cloth  by Keisuke Serizawa

Joy Character Furoshiki Cloth by Keisuke Serizawa


Joy Character Furoshiki Cloth Wrapper designed by  Keisuke Serizawa

Size: 550 x 550mm

Material : 100 % Cotton

Keisuke Serizawa

He was born in Shizuoka Prefecture in 1895. He was designated a Living National Treasure of “Kataezome” textile art, an important intangible cultural heritage, and people around the world and in Japan appreciate him as a craftsman representing the 20th century. He had widely established new fields such as Kimono, bookbinding, calendar, signboard and lighting design.

The furoshiki were created during the Edo Period(1603-1867) when public baths became popular(furo means a bath in Japanese). The cloths are made of durable cotton and same of the most popular stitching patterns include geometrical sashiko, double-sided ryoumenzome, Isetatsu pattern designed after figured paper of the Edo Period and Keisuke Serizawa's powerful patterns among many ohters. The multipurpose cloths are popular even today.