JICON Porcelain Plates


JICON is a porcelain tableware brand launched by Touetsugama kiln together with a Japanese designer, OJI Masanori.

 The brand name means "porcelain (JI) in modern times (CON)." In the Buddhist words, JICON means "seize the day." It also denotes "porcelain (JI) created by the house of IMAMURA" of the Touetsugama kiln, founded 350 years ago.

(Note that "IMA" means "modern times" in Japanese and can be paraphrased as "CON.")

 Small (dia180 x h23mm) 355g

Medium (dia210 x h28mm) 545g 

Large (dia246 x h33mm) 760g


This plate features an accent of rusty brown colour on the rim known as "Fuchi-Sabi"